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Breeds History

The origins of the Chihuahua are surrounded by polemic. The most accepted hypothesis for its development is that it comes from the Techichi, a very small dog that lived with the Toltecas, a civilization that existed before the Aztecs in Mexico, and that was at its high in the 10th century. According to some archeologists, the Techihi appear in several carvings in Pagan temples around the region. These dogs would have been bred by Aztecs, considered sacred for being the ‘guides’ of souls through the shadows.

Other theory says that these dogs have an even more ancient origin – that they come from the East, based on the eastern people traditions of miniaturizing, and that they were taken to America in ships that made business with Asia.

Anyway, the only consensus is the name of the race: Chihuahua é one of the Mexican States, the one where these small dogs were sold to tourists. In the middle of the 19th century they were well known in the frontier regions between Mexico and the US, and the AKC –American Kennel Club – accepted the first dog in 1904, but its official recognition as a race would only happen in 1952. Chihuahuas were taken to Europe only after the First World War.

Its exotic features, large head and 45 degree ears, together with the small overall size made them good to live in small spaces e explain, in part, their huge popularity.

Another important factor – and a more recent one – to make the race more well known, especially in the US, was its adoption as the face of a Mexican fast-food chain – Taco Bell.

Despise its size – the Chihuahua is considered the smallest dog in the world – the race is very affective and possessive with its owners.

Many people consider chihuahuas as lapdogs that don’t need exercises, but they normally like short walks. One must be extra careful about their contact with other animals, for despise their size they are extremely brave and may face dogs much bigger than they.

The race is considered excellent for guard service, but you must not let them get the habit of barking too much or without necessity.

According to the book “A Inteligência dos Cães” (Dog’s Intelligence), by Stanley Coren, the Chihuahua is in the 67a position, which shows that owners must have patience enough to teach them the basic commands of obedience.

The Chihuahua is accepted in two hair varieties: short and long, where the long hair is taken by most breeders as the result of the mix of Chihuahua and Papillon. As to colors, all varieties are accepted for this race.

Another important factor is that, although the pattern says that the Chihuahua may weight between 0,9 kg and 3,5 kg, you must avoid dogs that are extremely small. The ideal weight for a good dog is between 1,3 kg and 1,8 kg.

Unfortunately, in Brazil the race suffers with “dog sellers” that make excessively small dogs and with serious personalities disorders. It is very common the mix of Chihuahua with Pinscher and even with the Lulu da Pomerânia. This is why the owner must choose well before buying.

About the race

Source: The Dog’s Times