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Chihuahua: How to avoid pirates

To get a good Chihuahua you need to be careful. Check how to avoid the many half-breeds out there. He is the smallest dog in the world. He can only get 15 cm tall, and weight 500 g, which makes some people fascinated. After all, a little dog as that can be taken anywhere, even inside the pocket and that adapts without problems to small environments is very attractive. Nevertheless, in our country the race has only a few records, probably due to its hard reproduction, which only gets an average of 2 puppies; bitches that do not get in season or that don’t want to breed; males whose testicles won’t go down to the testicular bag; the need of cesareans due to the big head of puppies and the need of help in the delivery to break the placenta and cut the umbilical cord.


All these problems increase the price of the race and attract unscrupulous creators who interbreed to produce and sell more, more so because it is difficult to find partners to mate. So you don’t became a victim of these “breeding pirates”, learn how to identify the good specimens, by basically analyzing carefully the head, which, since puppy-age, is very characteristic. It must be big, well-rounded and harmonious to the body. The eyes are also big – round, split, without being too protuberant – and the ears have a low (lateral) insertion, large at the base and that diminish gradually up to the lightly rounded tip. The stop (where the snout meets the forehead) must seem strong, deep and large, and the snout short and straight, larger at the base then at the tip. Another characteristic are the legs, of medium size.


In Brazil, the Short Hair Chihuahua is interbred with the Pinscher and the Fox Paulistinha, cheaper, popular and with bigger litters (around 4 puppies), according to breeder Waldir Augusto Fagundes, of the Canil Morada do Chihuahua, from Porto Alegre-RS. You can check the Pinscher half-breeds by the less-rounded head, smaller, more vertical (higher insertion) and closer ears, longer snout and with a less protuberant stop, smaller eyes and longer legs. The Fox Paulistinha half-breeds are similar to the Pinscher ones, but they have eyes and legs closer to that of the Chihuahua. In Mexico there is interbreeding of the Short Hair Chihuahuas with the Pelado Mexicano, which get puppies with little hair in the head (a grave problem), less protuberant stop and a flatter head. The Ling-Haired type, with a moderate hair density is interbred to get more hair and sell easier. You can find it was interbred with the Papillon by the long hair in front of the tip of the ears (in a Long Hair pure breed they are behind the ears). With the Pomeranian the ears are small, with a “mane” in the neck and a flatter skull.

Purifying the half-breeds may take to 10 or more generations of breeding with pure bloods, which is hard, according to Moacir Carlos Simão, of Canil Moliedi, from Blumenau-SC. So, it is essential to be sure of the lineage before buying. There are Chihuahua’s characteristics that cannot be altered, as making it have more puppies. But you can have a Short Hair Chihuahua with more hair by introducing a Long Hair every 3 generations and avoiding that the hair of the Longs whither, introducing a Short Hair with the same frequency. Another option for both types is to interbreed good specimens with the American lineage, which has a visibly denser hair, according the American Kennel Club, which differs from the one based on the Fédération Cinelogique International. To avoid problems during the delivery or breeding, it is better to use males that weight around 1 kg and a bigger and heavier female.


Weight: Around 500 g up to 2,5 kg, with the ideal around 1 and 2 kg. Cares: Avoid falls and touching the molera (common to this race).

Bathing after the last vaccine (at 4or 5 months), fortnightly during the summer and winter, in sunny days and around midday. The common accumulation of tartar in the teeth can be avoided with brushing in a daily ratio with dog tooth brushes and dog tooth paste (which you find in pet shops) or with a Digluconate of Clorexidine to 0,12% (in manipulation pharmacies).

Environment: Very chilly and must sleep on cloth or pricked paper, in dry places without drafts.