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Puppy Care

Despite their small constitution, puppies are very active and playful. But some special care must be taken so that in the first months they do not fall, which may compromise their bones.

Chihuahuas are not exactly good for little children. If this is the case, care must be doubled, avoiding accidents with the dog being ‘stepped’ by the child during play.

Chihuahuas can easily live with other dogs and they usually have fun with play and running. You just have to be careful about size differences to avoid any kind of accident.

You can bath your Chihuahua 21 days after the first dose of vaccine. Use warm water, then dry him with a drier at a warm temperature (not hot). During and after bath your Chihuahua must be protected from air currents. You must be careful so no water may get into the ears. Use dog shampoo, preferably those that are not anti-fleas, for they may cause intoxication. There are products safer and more efficient. For a puppy there must be at least 1 10-day break between baths – adults may bath once a week or once a month, as for the necessity.