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Special Care

Despite their size and fragile appearance, the Chihuahua is a race with few specific problems.

  • Special care should be given to its cold sensibility.
  • Tartar: Chihuahuas , just like other small races, have a special disposition for tartar due to their small teeth and their proximity, inappropriate feeding and double teething. If your Chihuahua shows any of these problems, look for a vet for evaluation and tartar extraction. For animals that don’t have tartar, it is a good advice to make a weekly good brushing. Use baby tooth brushes for they are small and adapt well to the Chihuahuas teeth. Fingertips are not effective in tooth brushing. Use animal specific tooth pastes, and never those for humans. Little bones and digestive leather are also helpful. Avoid giving homemade food and tidbits.
  • Chihuahuas usually show some ophthalmic problems, like the decrease in the tear production.
  • If your dog does not leave home much, he may have a problem with his nails growing too much. In this case, it is good to have them cut monthly, preferably by a trusted vet.
  • Another important issue is feeding, which may be ‘just enough’ so the dog does not get too fat and affects his bones.