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Are you ready to have a furry friend?

I write this report so we can think and carefully evaluate if everyone is prepared to have a pet. And, although this text is adequate for a great many type of animals, I will talk about Chihuahuas, which are the focus of this site.

When we see a puppy, everything is fine: he is cute, vulnerable. We soon feel the necessity of protecting him. We want to bring him home, buy toys, clothing… But truth is that in these moments, we need to leave passion aside and be realistic and, when necessary, lower our expectations. We must leave our wants aside and consider if we really have the conditions to take care of the baby, that soon will be a grown up, when you may not find that cute anymore.

I present bellow some issues you must have in mind before taking a friend home:


Every dog, sometime during the year, looses hair. Some a little bit more, some a little bit less.

Less bathing doesn’t smell good

Unless your dog is a “ninja”, if you don’t bath him, he will stink!

And talking smell…

The house or apartment may have a bad smell, if you don’t clean it enough.

The place where your dog uses as bathroom must be cleaned at least twice a day. It is the minimum to avoid smell. Don’t forget that when the dog first gets into your home he doesn’t know the environment and will probably pee or poo where he shouldn’t. You have to be patient and caring to teach him.


Obviously, they bark, for they are dogs – it’s in their nature.


Dogs have feelings, and, because of that, they will show what they feel their own way. They may bite things, gnaw the furniture, tear clothing and curtains apart, pee or poo at the door (or any other place where they may think will get your attention), bark and howl, among other things.


No one likes to be alone, and that’s no different with dogs. You must be around. If you don’t have time, buy a “tamagotchi”.

Respect your new friend

Remember that he is in a new environment, where everything is different, strange. He has his own personality. No dog is exactly like the other. He is not a little robot, programmed in a factory, and, because of that, he will have to adapt to his new life. And you, in a way, will also have to adapt to his life. No beating, no hurting.

As any living being in this world, he feels cold, thirsty, hungry, scared, joyful, lonely and needs caring. It is not enough to buy a doghouse and put some dishes for food and water. He didn’t ask you to live with you and so, respect him, treat him as part of the family, and learn to love him unconditionally, because this is the kind of love he will give you.

The joy

Personally (and I believe many will agree), I think that none of these eventual situations is above what you get in return: companionship, loyalty, and the joy that only those who won a pet as a friend get to know. There is nothing like it. It is really special.

Consider carefully if you are ready to have a dog in your life. Taking a pet that makes bonds with you to later on give up on him or treat him badly is not a good thing. It’s not fair.

So, there is nothing that express better what we mean in this text then that well known Saint-Exupéry quotation from The Little Prince: “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed”.