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Canine Angels

There are people who don’t like dogs. These, for sure, have never had in their lives a four-legged friend. Or, if they did, they did never looked into those eyes to realize who was there.

A dog is an angel that comes to the world to teach love.

Who else could give unconditional love, friendship, affection and protection without asking anything in return, loyalty 24 hours a day?

Oh, don’t tell me that parents do that, for they are human, get angry, and leave…

A dog does not leave you even when you harm him; he comes back at you low-spirited, asking for forgiveness for something that he might not have done, licking your hands, begging for forgiveness.

Some angels do not have wings – they are four-legged, furry, with small noses, attentive ears, eyes of affliction and need.

Although their appearance, they are as angels as the others (the winged ones) and they give themselves to humans as much as any other angel.

How good it would be if humans could see the perfect humanity of a dog.