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Warning to whomever may visit my home

A very nice text by our bark-friend Vida, from Clube do Chihuahua. Go ahead and try it!

  1. Be welcome.
  2. Remember that the dogs live in here. You don’t.
  3. If you don’t want to have fur on your clothing, keep away from the furniture.
  4. Yes, dogs have unpleasant habits. So do I, and you too. What about it?
  5. Of Course they smell like dogs. Have you ever realized that us, humans, smell at the end of a working day? Put yourself in the place of someone who has a 400 times better scent than yours and who you will always welcome you with explosions of tenderness and care when you get home.
  6. It is their nature to try and smell you. Please, fell free to smell them too.
  7. If there were any risk of the dogs biting you, I wouldn’t let them get close to you. But I can’t prevent them from answering to aggression, which may occur in thought, either with you, me, or whomever they give their loyalty. Dogs can feel it, be sure of that.
  8. Have you ever tried kissing someone and got pushed? If a dog tries to lick you, it’s because he or she approves your presence and wants to show this in a caring way; remember that dogs don’t fake or lie.
  9. Here, dogs get veterinary care, healthful feeding and hygienic care. Their company is highly recommended by physicians, and the majority of diseases we may have in our lifetimes comes from other humans.
  10. There are many situations in which dogs are better suited than people. After all, we can always trust their loyalty and sincerity.
  11. To some, they are simply dogs. But to me, they are adopted children that walk in all 4 and who can’t speak clearly. I have no problem with that. And you?
  12. Come back whenever you want, for you will be welcomed. Even by the dogs. They are more sensible than us, and so they can see clearly who the real friends are, you just have to come close.