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Kennel’s History

Somewhere between November and December 2006 I started to think in a small race that really enchanted me, like Poodles enchanted my mom, Rosaura.

I already had some sympathy for Chihuahuas and so I decided to learn more about them. I spent nights visiting sites, analyzing the breeding of the best Brazilian and foreign kennels that were dedicated to this race. And the more I learned, the more in love I would get. I then started to e-mail the best kennels around the world, looking for established and awarded bloodlines and for famous breeders, who would have real interest in sending top dogs to Brazil, leaving aside prejudices that we all know to be real.

At this point, I think I don’t have to mention how close I was to this race. So much so that I left for the Westerminister (USA) 2 days before it started so I could watch 2 Chihuahua specials and follow the race during the event, although the real reason for me to be there was my first race, the Rhodesian Ridgeback. From reading and studying Chihuahuas so much during this time I knew the results of each class, and the winners of the specials… I was in love!!!

At that moment I was sure that I had found the toy group race I wanted to breed, working as hard as I had been working with Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

I measured no efforts to buy the best of national and international bloodlines, like Barbara Pedergrass’ Rafina Kennel, Paolo Tortaro’s Di Rio, and Debbie Hornback’s Sagon’s Kennel.

The results of my research and relationship with these breeders took almost 2 years. The Canil Matriart LG was “born” in April 12, 2008. The biggest coincidence is that the Malabo APD kennel was born that very same day, but 4 years earlier…

Today, more than ever, I can say I love Chihuahuas! I’m a researcher and a scholar, whose main objective is to improve the quality of the national breed and keep their best features.

I have to thank all the people that here in Brazil or in foreign countries helped me with the race, believing in my work potential and in the seriousness of my breeding.

Ana Paola Diniz